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Toolit Airforce rollout
18 januari 2022

The Toolit Airforce product line from Wadcon is now included in the Doosan Mate program and officially available through our growing network of European partners. Toolit Airforce is a cobot tooling solution for high payload cobots. It is a payload-dedicated tooling engineered to be affordable, safe, and easy to adapt to your requirements.Toolit

Wadcon recently launched the Airforce tooling range for high payload cobots. The Airforce cobot tooling solutions come in three different designs: a standard vacuum pod, a high flow vacuum for cardboard solutions, and a magnetic gripper. Unique to this range of products is its resilient design to accommodate for custom solutions at a competitive price.
For more information on the different Airforce designs and a demonstration video of the tool, please check our website: https://www.wadcon.eu/toolit/toolit-cobot-and-robot-tooling

European Partner Network & Doosan MATE Program

With the launch of this new smart industry solution, Wadcon set up a European wide network of robot and cobot suppliers through which the Toolit Airforce tooling will be available. Please consult one of our partners in your area for more information. See the full Toolitlist of partners below.  
We are also proud to have been accepted to the Doosan MATE program. The tools in this specific program are especially aimed at the high payload cobot applications for which the Doosan H-series is designed. The MATE program is a group of renowned suppliers that have approved several applications for the product line of Doosan cobots.
Interested in all the options that the Doosan Mate program offers? Please check their website: https://www.doosanrobotics.com/en/Mate/Mate

About Wadcon

Wadcon designs and delivers production automation systems. Wadcon supports automation with smart products for a system Toolitintegrator with the Toolit and Movit solutions that have been developed in-house. The Toolit program (www.wadcon.eu/toolit) supplies tooling for cobots, robots and lifting applications. The Movit program supplies a smart and easily programmable transfer system for production automation, see also: (https://www.wadcon.eu/solutions/material-handling-automation/movit-transfer-system)

Toolit Airforce European partners

The Netherlands
Wadcon Automation - www.wadcon.nl
☏ +31 (0)50 316 82 82
Contact: Paula Kos

Provoost Automation - www.provoostautomation.be
☏ +32 (0) 3 501 43 77
Contact: Stein Provoost

Niederrhein Automation - www.niederrhein-automation.com
☏ +49 2434 927 928
Contact: Steffen Scherf

Czech Republic and Slovakia
Veen Trading - www.veemtrading.cz  
☏ +420 545 222 322
Contact: Milan Vykouřil

Ventousses-Soufflettes - www.ventouses-soufflets.com
☏ +33 (0) 232 47 35 10
Contact : Bruno Mantout

Cobot solutions - www.cobotsolutions.ch
☏ +41 44 825 12 12
Contact: Beni Zimmermann

Wamatec Hungary Kft. - www.wamatec.hu
☏ +36 23 880 757
Contact: Laszlo Papp

PS Ireland - www.psireland.ie
☏ +353 51643000
Contact: Joe Barry


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